Beauregard 2014 // Jour 3 // samedi 5 juillet

Foster The People - Festival Beauregard 2014
I think it’s a good time to open this beast back up and say thanks. I miss chatting with you guys. I badly wanted to be there today but I’m in Myanmar. There was no way for me to know that all this would happen the last couple days. Needless to say, I’m inspired by all of you. I’m excited to come back and get to thank you in person. This is the beauty of community. You guys proved that where there is unity, there is power. I hope this is just the beginning. Either way, at the least it is proof that our democracy works. It’s reinstated my faith in our local government. More so, it’s shown me a side of you all that I hadn’t known before. Because of this, I can’t WAIT to get back in the studio and write more music for you. Just wait and see what comes next.
- Mark Foster of fosterthepeople (via Twitter)


fosterthepeople- one more from lisbon, on this super moon

fosterthepeople- ponsi getting abducted in portugal under a super moon


I’m extending the submission dates for the Colorado/Oregon shows! You guys have until Friday to get me what you’d like in the books so they can be made and ready by August 4th! That’s the date I’m driving off to Colorado and would love all submissions to be in the book neatly. I’m excited to present these, the boys are going to be so surprised and so moved! I had a great conversation with Andy yesterday who promised the venue and the show were going to be magical! So get your submissions in! Letters, poems, short stories, digital art - you name it! It’ll go in the book!


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